Renault Electric Window Failure

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We are seeing a common failure in 2002 – 2009 Renault and also some Citroen and Peugeot vehicles using the same/similar window control modules (TEMIC 0675).

It can start as an intermittent window movement fault but inevitably turns into a permanent one, often leaving you with a window that’s stuck in the open position.

The control modules are prone to moisture damage and when this occurs the cars central electrical system simply shuts off power to the unit.

You can confirm this by listening for the motor when operating the window switch. If you can hear the motor trying to move the mechanism, then you have a mechanical problem; most likely a jammed actuator cable which will need to be replaced. If however you hear nothing or just the occasional click, then the window control module is most likely your problem.

We can provide and fit a remanufactured window control module or arrange the removal, repair and refitting of your existing one.

Another option we offer is to supply and fit this little gizmo:


It essentially replaces the factory fitted window control module and removes the cars central electrical system from the equation, overriding and ensuring that power gets to the window motor from the switch. This will be the most economical and probably the most robust option. The device can be fitted in less than an hour restoring your window to its former functionality. The only drawback is the loss of the “one-touch” and “total close” functions (if the vehicle is equipped).

Please contact us for prices and availability.

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