Walk the Line


Walk the Line

Posted On19/09/2017 0

There are seldom few less fickle than musicians, and a musical relationship can often be harder to maintain than a romantic one. With usually less at stake, it doesn’t take much; a minor disagreement here, a lack of enthusiasm there and it all starts unravelling.

One of the biggest potential killjoys is that age-old “artistic difference”. Practically everyone nowadays has a strong opinion but the world would do well to learn that it doesn’t always need to be shared. Obviously everyone should actively contribute to band decision making but no one should ever launch into a full-on hate fuelled toxic rage because of a disagreement over band direction or song choice or outfit suggestion… (even if it’s sugar coated with sarcastic humour!).

If, like me, you’re a peace loving pacifist then you’re usually firmly on the fence about most things. This can however, often manifest as apathy. It only takes one member being misinterpreted as having lost interest for the whole band to eventually implode. Try to wear your enthusiasm on the outside as often as you can.

For any live performer confidence is king; a title easier to lose than gain. Pointing out every mistake is simply a condescending, self-inflating dick-move. If there is a persisting problem then it should be addressed with compassion and discretion. In these situations, the whole truth isn’t always necessary.

Bottom Line: Encourage one another, be more open to suggestions that you might initially not agree with, leave the negativity and drama at home.

Also, be weary of being in multiple musical projects at the same time. Clearly your time for each project will become divided but so too will your passion.

At the end of the day if an individual wants to leave then nobody should begrudge that decision, but also bear in mind that if you’re not feeling the magic anymore, maybe you should be the one to depart in the best interests of the greater band.


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